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St. Cyprian of Carthage


The "End of Pandemic Guidelines" from the Diocese of the South go into effect at St. Cyprian on Sunday, June 13. If you desire to wear a mask during the services, you may do so, but they are no longer required on this date. If you have been exposed to COVID-19, or have any of the associated symptoms, please remain home until CDC guidance is met for such a situation. While receiving the vaccines that are available are not required, the eight weeks prior to June 13 were mandated in order to give time for the "fully vaccinated" status to be accomplished for those who wish to be vaccinated. The "fully vaccinated" status is not required for participation in the services. Please do not shun those wearing masks or not, as well as those who are vaccinated or not. If an "outbreak" occurs among our parish membership, we must cease to gather until the "Post Pandemic Guidelines" are met for such a situation. Any necessary cancellation of services will be announced by email and will be reflected on the parish calendar (see under "Welcome!"). Visitors are welcome. Our space is well ventilated, and is adequate for our typical congregation, so there is no need for pre-registration. We will be keeping a log of attendees to assist any necessary notification due to outbreak of the virus among us. Thank you for attending to these guideline. They have been distributed by email and facebook to our members. A copy may be obtained by request.

Pentecost Sunday - Feast of the Holy Trinity

With the Joy of Ascension! The Leavetaking of which is Friday.
Sunday is Pentecost, the Feast of the Trinity! Fifty days since our celebration of Holy Pascha!
Here are some customs for us to practice for this holy day:
  • Green Vestments are worn
  • The church is adorned with green branches, flowers, leaves, etc.
  • Clergy carry small floral bouquets during the Vespers
  • The Kneeling Prayers are the feature of Vespers, three interspersed
  • The "evening" of the Church commences, our long pilgrimage through the "darkness" of this world - either until we are greeted with the Light of His Glorious Resurrection on the last day, or until we are blessed to witness it again through the celebration of the soul saving days of Great Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha, next year.
  • And yet, we are never without the cheerful, gladdening Light of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Immediately following the "Many years" at the end of the Divine Liturgy, we will begin Vespers.
When this service is completed (it will be amended slightly) we will have our lunch and time of fellowship together.  Lunch is a "potluck" or "covered dish," so bring what you want to share, main dishes, desserts, drinks.
Please keep your dishes in a cooler or your vehicle since the oven will not be available for cooking during the services.
Please make yourself available to clean up following lunch, helping trash find the trash cans, etc.
May the Holy Spirit dwell in us, enlightening and enlivening us to the work of the Kingdom of our Lord, that which is not of this world.


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